Tips For Picking The Right Head Gear

Tips For Picking The Right Head Gear


Anybody that thinks riding a motorcycle without a helmet looks cool could not be more uncool. In case of an accident your helmet more than likely will save your life. A motorcycle helmet is the most important safety gear there is for a motorcyclist.

Even though a helmet can help save your life, wearing the wrong helmet can cause you great discomfort during a short ride or a long ride.


This is why it is so important to choose a helmet that fits and here are 6 very important tips on how to choose the right helmet for you.

  • A motorcycle helmet may appear as a simple safety gear, but there are different parts that you should be familiar with. A really good motorcycle helmet should always have an outer shell designed to absorb and protect your head from strong pressure and impact. Look for an inner lining made of styrofoam designed to Minimize the shock and impact to the brain, along with a chin strap that will secure the helmet in place.
  • To choose a helmet that will fit you, know the shape of your head. Motorcycle helmets come in different designs to fit different head shapes. You need to make sure the helmet fits the shape of your head perfectly.
  • A motorcycle helmet should fit your head without pressing on your skin uncomfortably or tightly. With a full face helmet, always make sure there is plenty of space between Your face and the helmet. Try removing the helmet to make sure it does not leave any red spots or sore spots.
  • Any good helmet should never block your line of vision, even a full face helmet. Always make sure to check if you can see through the face shield clearly and always choose a helmet with an anti-fog coating as this will prevent the face shield from fogging over so you will be able to see clearly while riding in cold weather.
  • The most popular safety certifications are DOT and Snell so you should always look for one of those stickers on the helmet.
  • Trying to save a little money by buying a cheaper helmet can cost you in the long run if it does not protect your head in the case of an accident.

In conclusion:

The helmet is a motorcycle rider’s best friend, make sure you choose the right one Or it could do you more harm than good.