Shoei Neotec

Shoei Neotec


While there was an on-going debate happening regarding premium motorcycle helmets, Shoei introduced Neotec to the discussion. This aerodynamically engineered helmet was designed to be sleek, quiet, and comfortable; and all three qualities were found to be at top-notch quality.

Since great helmets are only as great as their fit, riders get the most they can with the best fit with Neotec.

It comes just a little under 4 pounds and in seven different colors: matte black, white, black, anthracite, light silver, brilliant yellow and wine. Their size ranges across three shell sizes from XS to 2XL. However this is not a true niche for a modular, it’s more of a preference only and works well for almost any type of rider.

An updated model of Multitech, a popular modular stapble, Shoei’s Neotec has a wider, anti-scratch, fuller face plate that can be used with or without the UV blocking sun visor. It can also be lifted out of the way, if one may prefer.

If you want to have a full open-face helmet, the EPS-lined chin guard can also be lifted away.

Shoei mainly focused on its ventilation and noise dampening while iterating the product. It has a built in 3-D liner that is designed to fit snugly around the chin and neck area to seal the outside sound. Neotec also has a double ridge chin guard, optimal for keeping minimal protuberances on the helmet, as well as quality stainless steel that locks the mechanism on the face plate to reduce noise. The effort in creating and improving this product time and time again is pretty obvious. The ventilation is widely developed and will not surely be missed since Shoei claims to have increased the ventilation to %275 as opposed to earlier models. There is also a dual layer EPS liner that has a deep, long air- channeling grooves, giving the intake vent a much larger opening. What can be noticed dramatically regarding the change is the inclusion of the back exhaust fan. While the exhaust vent is open, there is airflow that is surely noticeable.

Its liner is also completely removable, washable, and easily reinserted. The speaker recess is built in, and there are interchangeable cheek pads that customized fit and comfort. Styling of aerodynamics includes the single pivot point for the face plate and the chin guard. According to one reviewer, it goes up and down as smooth and silently as a luxury car. The addition to the aerodynamics is a groove that is built in the helmet which the sun visor slips out of the way.

This DOT approved helmet makes up for its quality in the price range: listed just under $600. However according to previous buyers—be it Motorcycle Superstore, Amazon, etc.— it’s well worth the money you’ll be spending. The overall reviews come back positive. One rider claimed that he slid across gravel but sustained no injuries, before immediately purchasing a brand new Neotec as a replacement.

Though not all considered this as their best helmet experience so far, there had been unfavorable reviews of it. Several riders mentioned that when they opened the rear vent, it makes the rear vent very loud. If, then, they opened the vent and be annoyed by the loud noise, others opt to leave the vent partially open in order to compromise the noise. Others complain of the continual excess noise, with one claiming a whistling sound even when he wasn’t moving at all.

Arguably, it has everything you need and would expect from a premium helmet. Not only that, it’s guaranteed to be of top-quality since it’s backed by Shoei, a fantastic company backed with their lineup of incredible helmets. For those who prefer a modular helmet, the Neotec is one helmet you need to take a look at.

Hands down, this is one of the absolute best helmets in the market that you’ll find today. If you’re looking for a premium helmet with the flexibility of a modular, this one’s worth checking out.