IV2 901 Review

IV2 901 Review


IV2 probably makes a lot of motorcycle helmets, and they’re all really affordable, which may be one of the reasons why we take a look at their products regularly. We’re pretty sure that the IV2 makes one of the cheapest helmets in the industry today, and for a lot of people, price is their top priority. Well, next to safety, we hope.

The 901 helmet is one of their more popular products. A full face helmet paired with a couple of visors—one smoked, and one clear—it’s equipped with the basic features of most helmets that comes under the price of just under $50. The visors provided with the helmet are pretty easy to get on and off and  the dark one isn’t so dimmed that you can actually use it at night.

It’s passed basic federal requirements for safety such as the DOT certification. Safety certifications are one, if  not the first, important factors to look out for when buying a helmet. Particularly for the prices on the lower range, you’ll need to be extra careful when buying such products because oftentimes than not, companies that manufactures cheap products doesn’t have a DOT certification . One way of looking at it is that the authorities might not know if you’re using a DOT certified helmet, but your head will surely know in an event of a crash. This helmet is also equipped with EPS, Expanded Polystrene, which serves as an impact liner that meets appropriate safety requirements.

One thing to consider when buying the 901 is that you’re prepared that your helmet will not have all the bells and whistles or will even meet the same quality of some of the base models for premium manufacturers.  It comes nowhere near the Arai Vector-2, which the company considers as their ‘entry level’ mode, parallel to the category of the IV2 901. The paint doesn’t last as long as premium  brands, it’s argued that it does not guarantee 100% protection, even though DOT certified, and it won’t likely fit comfortably or nicely. But, you can always remove the cheek pads for cleaning to keep it fresh, but in terms of fit, there’s nothing you can do about it.

But, as mentioned earlier, the factor why we consider this one favorite among many riders is because it’s relatively cheap as compared to other brands. If you’re not looking to spend more than $100 for a new helmet, then  you might consider buying this one. In fact, we recommend this if you’re looking to spend just about $40-$70 on a helmet.

However, even though the product doesn’t fare well in terms of quality, we were taken aback by the massive reviews of positive feedback from its users. It got 4.0 out of 5.0 stars from 200 reviews  in the Amazon reviewers section, with nearly half giving it a perfect 5 out of 5.

To be honest, you need to take into account the people who gave it a bad review because it did not meet their expectations. Because seriously, you can’t expect a $40-$70 helmet to outperform a $500 helmet. Taking that into account, it paints a positive picture when placed into context.

According to several anecdotes, there are multiple lives who have been saved by this helmet. A lot of people also dig the sharp look of the helmet. They’ve also added a helmet bag, which does not often come free from helmets in this price range.

Overall, the helmet saves lives, looks pretty stylish, and gets the job done if you’re on a budget or if you’re looking for a backup helmet.