How To Clean Your Motorbike Helmet

How To Clean Your Motorbike Helmet


Every true motorcycle rider loves their helmet almost as much as their motorcycles and the helmet needs to be properly cared for and maintained just as the motorcycle. The most basic aspect of caring for your helmet is cleaning your helmet, both the inside and the outside. It is by design that most all the helmets on the market are made with removable interior liners. If the interior lining of your helmet is detachable, you can just remove it and clean it using your washing machine at a delicate cycle or you can take it to have it dry cleaned and put it back when finished and cleaned. If the interior liner of your helmet is not removable, the following tips will let you know how to clean your motorcycle helmet at home….

  • You will need shampoo or unscented bath soap along with three cotton washcloths to clean the helmet.
  • A dry washcloth should be used for wiping the entire helmet to remove dust.
  • Get all the removable parts out including the breath guard, cheek pads, visors,etc.
  • Then use plain water for rinsing your helmet to get rid of excess dirt or dust.
  • Then get a washcloth, wet it and squeeze out the extra moisture.
  • Then take the shampoo or unscented bath soap to create a foam covered lather on the washcloth.
  • Take the soapy washcloth and wipe the helmet’s outer layer in a circular motion.
  • Then get another washcloth and wet it, squeeze out the extra moisture and use it to remove the soap on the helmet.

For cleaning the inner lining of your helmet, take the wet, soapy washcloth and gently massage the linings with it being as gentle as possible To prevent damaging the linings. You can remove the soap from your linings by rinsing out the soap or by using the wet washcloth.

After you have gone through all the steps above, daub all the interior linings with a dry washcloth to get rid of moisture and keep doing this until the linings are only slightly damp. Then leave your helmet outside to air dry naturally.

If you happen to have a helmet with a shiny finish or a special coating,you should use automotive cleaning products. Make sure to never use any polishing products with a petroleum base as these products can deteriorate your helmet.

In Conclusion:

These are all some basic steps you can follow to make sure your helmet is always properly cleaned and maintained. Always keep in mind that your helmet is the most important part of your safety gear and it could be the difference between life and death in the event of an accident so it is vital that you take very good care of it.