HJC CL-16 Review

HJC CL-16 Review


One of the absolute best among our choices of helmets, which is why we’ve included it in our top picks for the best helmets as you can see in our home page.

The helmet has incredible features, satisfying comfort, top-notch quality, and, surprisingly, relatively budget-wise. But first of all, the one thing you must always consider when buying a helmet is its safety.

The HJC CL-17 both has a Snell and DOT certification. It’s made up with advanced polycarbonate composite shell helmet which meets strict safety standard. That being said, safety should be your top concern when choosing a helmet so this one definitely has a strong selling point initially.

For the most part, finding a helmet that is both sturdy and comforting comes with a price. The HJC CL-16 is an exception. It’s a sub-$150 helmet, which puts in on the lower price scale of most helmets.

The all new CL-17 is a predecessor to the massive hit, CL-16. It’s also worth noting that the helmet comes fairly light, but ensures a really nice fit and comfort.  The shape of the helmet is also aerodynamic which reduces bumpy turbulence, though not considered as the quietest helmet around, it does its job quite nicely.

It’s aptly named ventilation system ACS, which stands for Advanced Channeling Ventilation System, is an expertly designed system which allows airflow from the front right to the back. Humidity and heat should not be an issue when riding if you’re using this helmet.

The face shield is also equipped with a Pinlock shield which allows it to add UV protection and a massive-fog resistance feature. Disassembling the helmet should come as a breeze as well as putting it back together. This is especially helpful when you need to occasionally clean some of its parts. One great feature from its parts is that they are anti-bacterial and moisture wicking fabric so bad smell shouldn’t be an issue.

Going back to the ventilation, it’s not considered as the best vented helmet in the market, which is noticeable when you find yourself riding in sub-zero temperature or when in pretty hot places above 90 degrees. Obviously, it’s hard to be comfortable around these situations if you’re equipped with this helmet that is not apt for such environment, but according to others, it’s just the right helmet for ‘average’ temperatures.

There is also another set of vents in the helmet which allows breath and humidity to easily escape from the inside of the helmet. Overall, we can consider this helmet a good, regulated interior which satisfies most customers. It may be a bit snug for the first few rides but once broken in, it becomes quite comfortable.

To conclude, this is a pretty decent helmet for a definite bargain of the price, which also does not compromise quality and provides tons of features.