HJC Cage MC-1 Review

HJC Cage MC-1 Review



Basically, the HJC Cage MC-1 is made from PIM, Premium Integrated Matrix, construction that gives really great fit thanks to its CAD technology. There is also a one-touch open/close locking system that earns major points in buyers point scale.

When looking for the best helmet for you, it’s simply a no-brainer that you’ll end up with the HJC Cage MC-1 RPHA 10.

An excellent airflow system paired with an incredibly light shell makes the HJC Cage MC-1 one of the most comfortable helmets to date.

Take a closer look.


Boasting of superior ventilation system, the HJC Cage MC-1 is developed only by the most advanced technology.

Air moves starting from the front all the way to the back to drive away humidity and heat out of the helmet. It allows the ventilation system a reduced wind resistance.

What’s remarkable about this helmet is it’s shell; made from a combination of fiberglass, carbon fiber, aramid, and organic fiber. The result, well, is the shell’s lightweight yet durability figure. It also provides perfect fit on the head but also allows maximum comfort. It’s interior is also worth noting.

Their fiber is made of anti-bacterial materials that reduces moisture to keep odors away. Furthermore, to ensure a tight seal they’ve managed to equip it with a one-touch opening and closing system.

Technical Specs

The helmet only weighs about 3 pounds, thereby proving that stability and durability should not be a hindrance to weight in helmets.

As an addition, the helmet comes in a variety of sizes from XS to 2XL.

Take note that it is a full-face helmet, with the shell designed with black, red, and silver colors. The helmet can be used every day on the road or as a racing helmet.

It is both DOT and Snell certified and has met all its safety standards.

Good Feedback

Those who’ve purchased the HJC Cage MC-1 has nothing but good words to say. The perfect fit and finish are outstanding. Maintenance and cleaning of the helmet is also convenient because you won’t need much time to remove the liner inside.

As for aerodynamics, it’s a great deal because it’s very lightweight. The shield system also allows for quick removal of the shield in case it needs to be changed. Consequently, installation of a different shield should be easy to do.

The Bad

Amidst all the good reviews the helmet had, there is the inevitable bad review.  For some, the most common complaint would be the visor latch, which  is located in the middle, to obstruct vision slightly.  This possess a problem for some. However for others, this isn’t a big deal.

After learning the features of the helmet, there’s no denying that you would want one for yourself. Go ahead. Experience the comfort and sense of security that others are raving about. When you buy the HJC Cage MC-1, you’ll know the difference.

Bottom Line

One of the best things about this helmet, among many others, is the fact that it’s so light while packing a lot of awesome features. It does come pricey, no doubt, however it makes up for its value when it comes to the quality it delivers.

Certainly not the cheapest but most would consider this as an investment of some sort since they’ll be using it for years to come.