Helmet Advice


February 4, 2016

Tips For Picking The Right Head Gear

Anybody that thinks riding a motorcycle without a helmet looks cool could not be more uncool. In case of an accident your helmet more than likely will save your life. A motorcycle helmet is the most important safety gear there is for a motorcyclist. Even though a helmet can help save your life, wearing the wrong helmet can cause you great discomfort during a short ride or a long ride. This is why it is so important to choose a helmet that fits and here are 6 very important tips on how to choose the right helmet for you. A motorcycle helmet may appear as a simple safety gear, but there are different parts that you should be familiar with. A really good motorcycle helmet should always have an outer shell designed to absorb and protect your head from strong pressure and impact. Look for an inner lining made of styrofoam designed to Minimize the shock and impact to the brain, along with a chin strap that will secure the […]
January 6, 2016

How To Clean Your Motorbike Helmet

Every true motorcycle rider loves their helmet almost as much as their motorcycles and the helmet needs to be properly cared for and maintained just as the motorcycle. The most basic aspect of caring for your helmet is cleaning your helmet, both the inside and the outside. It is by design that most all the helmets on the market are made with removable interior liners. If the interior lining of your helmet is detachable, you can just remove it and clean it using your washing machine at a delicate cycle or you can take it to have it dry cleaned and put it back when finished and cleaned. If the interior liner of your helmet is not removable, the following tips will let you know how to clean your motorcycle helmet at home…. You will need shampoo or unscented bath soap along with three cotton washcloths to clean the helmet. A dry washcloth should be used for wiping the entire helmet to remove dust. Get all the removable parts out […]
December 3, 2015

Different Types Of Motorcycle Helmets

The most important safety factor for bike riders and bike drivers is the motorcycle helmet. There are safety laws that make wearing a motorcycle helmet mandatory while riding or driving a bike. These safety laws were put into effect for good reason as there is a very real threat of a major head injury that can cause permanent paralysis In case of a motorcycle accident. Motorcycle helmets should always be worn while driving or riding a bike. Motorcycle helmets not only protect the head, they can also make a strong fashion statement about the wearer of the helmet. The following are some of the different types of motorcycle helmets…… Full Face Helmet The family of full- face close lid motorcycle helmets include race replica, sport, touring, and scooter helmets. If you are looking for an ordinary helmet or a helmet with a sporty and adventurous style, You can easily find those in a full face helmet. Replica helmets are very proper among race enthusiasts and they are available with various […]