Women’s Motorcycle Helmets

One of the most important aspects of your helmet is the fit, one that determines the protection that you’ll get. While fitting an open-face helmet is easier than a full-face helmet, one cannot be detrimental about the entire nature of security of it. Fitting a fully face helmet can indeed block your peripheral view or obscure you’re front view at high-speeds. But, a cozy fit may indeed be a mistake when you’re riding at 70 mph.

More than just paint and size, there should be an evident difference between man’s and woman’s helmets. For a woman, choosing the right helmet must fit snuggly enough so that it can’t be yanked or grabbed easily when you pull it. Rule of the thumb is: when you move your helmet and a little bit of skin moves with it and juggles but doesn’t necessarily hurt, then it’s a start of a good fit. Here’s where fitting gets a bit dicey for the ladies.

As for the ladies, they generally have a narrower face structure than most men. They, as well, have a smaller head diameter. One frustrating thing about a woman fitting a man’s helmet is that when it’s too loose on the cheeks, it fits their head. At the same time, if it fits their cheeks, it’s totally tight on the top of the head. Crazy, we know.

The color, graphics, and other features comes in second after you’ve got the right fit. This guide just focuses on the fit of women’s helmets and how they can easily know what will fit them accordingly.