Different Types Of Motorcycle Helmets

Different Types Of Motorcycle Helmets


The most important safety factor for bike riders and bike drivers is the motorcycle helmet.
There are safety laws that make wearing a motorcycle helmet mandatory while riding or driving a bike.

These safety laws were put into effect for good reason as there is a very real threat of a major head injury that can cause permanent paralysis In case of a motorcycle accident. Motorcycle helmets should always be worn while driving or riding a bike.

Motorcycle helmets not only protect the head, they can also make a strong fashion statement about the wearer of the helmet. The following are some of the different types of motorcycle helmets……

Full Face Helmet

fullfacehelmetThe family of full- face close lid motorcycle helmets include race replica, sport, touring, and scooter helmets. If you are looking for an ordinary helmet or a helmet with a sporty and adventurous style, You can easily find those in a full face helmet.

Replica helmets are very proper among race enthusiasts and they are available with various designs and patterns on the exterior.

If you prefer a lightweight helmet or a snugly fitting helmet, you can always find a sporty, full-face helmet perfect for you.

For riders who will be wearing helmets for long periods of time, a touring full-face helmet Is the one for you. They are also available with tinted visors, which give you great visibility.
Scooter helmets, which come with a built in visor Instead of a flip on visor are most popular among Europeans. When it comes to sheet protection these helmets are the best.

Half Helmets

half-helmet-elite-helmetsHalf Helmets are also called shorties.
These helmets are not available with a closing lid because many consider them insufficient for safety. These helmets do not give you the best protection but they are the least intrusive and do not hinder you eating. Wind resistance is also low with half helmets and most of the wearers of these helmets are riders that would probably not wear a helmet at all if it were not state law.

Helmets With Three-Quarter Shell

The three quarter shell helmet are most similar In design to a full- face helmet with the exception being these helmets do not wrap bell-rouge-helmet-featured
around the face.

This helmets are very popular among police officers and the main reason for this is because these helmets offer ease of communication. These helmets are also very easy to remove from your head and they will not block your vision while doing so.

These helmets offer just about the same amount of protection as a full face helmet and they are also very popular among long distance riders on full dress bikes.

Ideal safety With Helmets

Most all experts agree that those wearing even the safest motorcycle helmets can get serious injury in case of an accident and the solution they propose to solve this problem is a safety awareness course for motorcycle riders.
Also, in addition to this there is a critical need for riders to commit to personal safety when riding a bike. This is a second aspect of emphasis during a mortar cycle safety course.
The need of motorcycle helmet varies with the kind of motorcycle being ridden or driven and with safety awareness, you will be more ready to choose the right helmet for the right kind of bike which will help ensure you are fully protected while traveling on the bike.