Bell RS-1 Gearhead Helmet Review

Bell RS-1 Gearhead Helmet Review



Describing the Bell RS-1 helmet as one of the top-line helmet available in the market today should be a peach. Due to price and the performance point they offer, it’s surely one of the top-rated helmets that anyone will consider buying. The lightweight and great ventilation flow the helmet provides makes the ride superbly comfortable.

It’s general notion that not every motorcycle rider prefer wearing their helmet in their everyday activity, especially if they are with their fellow riders. However, everyone does have to wear one due to state laws and, obviously, safety—unless you have balls of steel, in which you have the right to do so.

Luckily, there are countless options in terms of motorcycle helmets today than ever before, which gives you more options to choose from when deciding what helmet will be perfect for you.

One obvious choice is out there: the Bell RS-1 Gearhead.

Take a look at some of their spectacular features and what it’s capable of.


No doubt, the helmet looks great. One top factor why many choose the Bell RS-1 is its aggressive design that creates more of an oval rather than a circular shape. The design is also functional since the cut can reduce down the possible air drag.

Though this one doesn’t really have all the bells and whistles that premium helmets has, it has all the basic functionality of an everyday riding helmet. If you’re an everyday rider, you can do so aggressively with this sport-riding helmet available at the drop of the hat, or helmet, if you prefer the correct term. This is truly one acceptable helmet for those sport riders who would want an affordable and acceptable option.


Using an intermediate oval design, the Bell RS-1 Gearhead guarantees a snugly fit.

Though the material is comparatively dense against most helmets, it’s made up of very comfortable plastic. This way, you’ll know that you’re wearing a helmet but shouldn’t pose much of a distraction ose of the time.

They’ve also installed a vortex ventilation system that is located at the top which is ideal when removing the hot air inside that builds up during your ride. That way, it’s great for pulling away moisture that collects, too. All of this while keeping water from the inside penetrate the helmet. Worthy of noting about the manufacturer is that Bell actually has both a wind and water tunnel that they use to test all their models.

Hydra-dry 2 lining also ensures that the helmet wicks away moisture

To keep the helmet’s interior clean at all times, they’ve made sure that the helmet is anti-microbial. As for cleaning, you can always remove the lining whenever you like, throw in the washing machine and dryer, and it’s (almost) as good as new. One stand-out feature from this helmet is their lack of seams, which for some, gives them comfort when wearing something for longer rides.

All the cheek pads, guts, and chin curtains are also connected with snaps, not with Velcro. Most prefer this system because they risk no irritation on the face when wearing something with Velcro.


To date, this has the easiest shield-changing mechanisms available on the market. You can, and we’re not exaggerating, change it out in 5 seconds.

Riders prefer this because they like to easily change their shield options, depending on the weather. There are also transition lenses available, so others can go for a more high-end option if they’d like, that will likely give them more convenience.


Weighing in at 16 pounds, it’s definitely one heavy helmet. Keep in mind, though, that the weight ensures and provides more safety for the wearer. There is also an array of colors you can choose from, which also includes a wide variety of patterns. Though sizes may vary, the larger sizes clocks at about 14.8×11.3 by 10.7 inches.

There is one drawback too this product though. While the Gearhead is more comfortable and accommodating, wearing it for longer durations, say 120 to 130 miles, gives it a buffeting. However for daily riding, there aren’t any problems noticeable.

Bottom Line

While the particular helmet rates a positive 4.8/5 stars online which showcases value you get for its price, it’s also regarded as an averaged priced helmet which means you can a really accommodating helmet worth every penny.

However the consensus amongst a few folks that bought said helmet was that it was extremely light-weight that also cancelled out noise which gave it a positive review.

In terms of cost, it’s usually around $400. Certainly an investment that pays off safety, comfort, and overall quality that you’re looking for in a helmet, the Bell RS-1 gearhead is surely worth buying—one that can last a really long time.