Bell Rouge Review

Bell Rouge Review


Bell Rogue can be best described as bad-ass, gnarly, or downright awesome. However, there are more than meets the eye when it comes to this valued helmet. Others had described it as a Star Wars’ Storm Trooper uniform, while many riders mention the covetous looks they usually get while using it, and many are approached to find out where it was purchased. It’s now safe to say that this helmet is adequately covered in the looks department.

Open-Faced But With A Muzzle

Unlike most helmets designed with a full-frontal shield, the Rogue is a brand new design. It’s an open-faced helmet that comes with a detachable muzzle. Though not primarily designed for impact protection, it serves well against road grime, rocks, bugs, and rain. With a removable line in place, the rider is protected from the cold air. What sets the Rogue apart from most competitors is the muzzle; the rider gets protection from elements and an open helmet airflow while looking tough at the same time.

Technically, it’s a half-shell helmet but with an EPS extending an inch or so below the shell demarcation. The fit will look more like a three quarter; for most wearers, it doesn’t pull up at higher speeds unlike some halfs do and also feels substantial than half. One anecdote that we’ve found said that this helmet had been subjected to an unplanned crash test, which focused on the back of his head. The helmet provided adequate safety together with a springy feel, as the victim said. Though it wasn’t mention at what speed the crash happened, it appeared that it was in a highway. It’s always good to know that it’ll keep you safe, because after all, that is the whole point of owning a helmet.

Light Weight and Styled for Intermediate Oval Head Shape

While it may look like it serves the purpose of looking bad-ass instead of protecting you, the Rogue helmet is DOT approved. It’s made from fiberglass/Kevlar composite giving it strength without weight. The 5 year warranty from Bell is also a sure-fire, strong selling point. This 4-pound helmet is designed for an intermediate oval head shape that comes in shiny black, matte black, matte army green, and gunny, a matte gunmetal color. Size ranges from XS to a 2XL/

For quick fastening, even when the rider has gloves on, it is made of premium stainless steel D rings and metal badges. One safety feature is that the muzzle can only be removed upon lifting up the Germade made Fidlock magnetic fastener. It’s attached by getting the connecter ends close to the attachment post. Magnets, then, finish the job by snapping it in place by way of pulling it.

Fitting Issues

Inside padding, as for most, is anti-microbial and anti-bacterial and can be fully removed and washed.

One seemingly common issue is the fit of the Rogue, but not how you would normally assume. The helmet itself runs to be pretty accurate for the size for most, but the issue arises from the size of the muzzle. Several riders have felt that the nose piece does not hit accurately where it’s supposed to be. The company behind rogue, Bell, offers a separately purchased longer attachment strap that proved to be helpful for some. They’ve also started making helmets with the up/down pivot which helped others, but the inevitable few still could not find the right place for the muzzles thus making it uncomfortable. While others have not yet tried the longer straps, whatever their head and face shape should be, it should be apparent that they contact Bell to try out various options to get the right comfort.

Before going on a ride, it’s important that you take time to adjust your helmet, obviously, for safety reasons. The helmet is not inexpensive, though (around $250,) but backed by Bell’s 60 years of quality plus 5 year warranties so it should be apparent that you’re making a sound investment. It also has an overall rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars, which just goes to show that this helmet excels in both quality and style.