Arai Vector-2 Review

Arai Vector-2 Review


Arai, considered as a household name for the helmet industry, is one of the respected, well-known helmet brands which ensure that they deliver high-quality products all-over the world. Their lines of helmets are nothing short of amazing.  We’re a bit giddy on this review since it’s one of the favorites among their lines that delivered great results: the Vector 2

Even though it is ahead of most companies high-end products, the Vector 2 is considered as Arai’s most ‘basic’ helmet or as their entry-level helmet. The sole reason it is considered as ‘basic’ is simply because other Arai helmets are much more packed with other features and are much more advanced.

A tried-and-tested, true-to-its-name brand that guarantees safety helmets, the Arai Vector-2 had met both Snell and DOT standards, which is one of the important factors to look out for when choosing your helmet. Though not considered as Arai’s best helmet, the company ensures that they do not compromise quality or the safety their product delivers.

So, why does it come cheap as compared to their best? Though you may not get tons of additional features that can be found in their best helmets, such as the RX-Q or something, the helmet does all the basics of a helmet. Basically, you’ll get a solid, reliable helmet if you chose the Vector-2.

The fit is perfect but you’ll have the option to alter the liner a little bit if you remove a strip of the padding to allow it to fit like a round oval.

The liner, as said, can be adjusted but it’s also a one single piece. There is notably les plastic than before and they’ve properly placed it so you won’t feel the snaps. This is always a plus among premium helmets like the Arai Vector-2. Materials used for the helmet are also great for ventilation and comfort  because it does not only wicks moisture, it also provides a comfortable fit.

The Vector-2 has 2 more peripheral visions thanks to the design upgrade from the original vector. This gives you 5 mm on each side, which gives a huge difference upon wearing it. There is also a noticeable line and cheek pad improvement- adjustable cheek pads. These improvements provide amazing ventilation, allowing rear and front vents to work together to keep the right temperature. What’s more is that the helmet takes the warm air of your breath so that it has an easy way to escape which results to cool air that you can breathe.

One notable feature in the Vector-2 is that you get an amazing helmet that not only keeps you safe upon meeting DOT and Snell safety standards, you’ll also get a great shield and excellent ventilation. It may be taken for granted, but Arai’s Research and Development labs has been spending quite a lot of time, energy, and resources, in making small but important improvements for the helmet.

It’s also equipped with a UV resistance which provides a really good seal thanks to the improved slider and gasket combination. There are also 2 brown vents, which don’t actually vents right through the back of the helmet unlike some really high end models, but rather vents directly unto your face. This is one of the effective systems where you can the high functions but ‘basic’ features of this helmet as compared to other Arai’s other high end helmets.

It’s also worth noting that the chin vent has 2 positions, which you can use to vent at the face or the shield, totally up to you. An added update from the previous mode is the vent at the top/front part of the helmet; it now includes a switch you can slide to close the vent, which is a great way to eliminate the elements such as air from entering the helmet in less than ideal conditions. Otherwise, it’s also a handy vent that helps air to move properly. This added option has received positive feedback since you now have the option  open/close it, as opposed to the previous version where it’s always open.

Exhausts are also good on this unit. There are a total of 5 exhausts on the helmet, which works to suck the hot air out of the helmet by utilizing the vacuum effect whenever the helmet cuts through the air. Technically, it works to regulate temperature, moderate the humidity, and provide comfort for the wearer.

As for the rest of the insides of the helmet, it composes of cheek pads connected to the neck roll with a small lip. Another great feature of this is that your hot breath is actually taken out of the helmet through a small vacuum whenever you’re going at speed. Your breath will be ventilated down and be sucked out through the feature so that you’ll only breath breathe cool air. It’s comes in both comfortably and safe.

Continuing with the versatility of the unit, not only are you allowed to turn this into a different head shape with a removal of the liner, you can also reduce the cheek pads from 30mm all down to 25mm. What you do is to simply peel back a few layers of foam which will then give you an adjustable fit that allows a ton of different head shapes to fit this motorcycle helmet.

Aside from the cool features, it also comes at a really good price point. Packed with cool features but not necessarily with add-ons and additional features that just drives the price up,  you’ll get a pretty solid helmet that is budget-wise, especially in the range of Arai products.

There’s really no denying the fact that customers love it, as they’ve shown in supports of the product by providing countless positive feedbacks on Amazon. A popular staple since it was released and a really great choice if you’re looking to break into the premium helmet market.